Hi guys!

  I'm justing getting in to ArduCopter. I'm a long time C software developer with some Arduino experience and a bit of a sabbatical coming up, so I'd like to contribute.

  I don't do Windows if it can at all possibly be avoided, and spend most of my time on mac. It seems like my options for mission planning is either: a) QGroundControl or b) exploring the state of MissionPlanner on the mac.

  I'm just looking for advice from others who may have experience with either a) or b) on the mac. Which direction makes the most sense?

  I would love to get MissionPlanner running great on the mac, but the choice if C# has me put off a bit, as this is a MicroSoft language and I'm expecting the state of any mac port to be a bit iffy. Perhaps I just need to get in an experience Mono to allay that fear?

  I would really like to do what's best for the community, and looking for some advice before I go down the wrong direction.


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There's a team working on migrating Mission Planner look/feel/functionality to the QGroundControl Qt codebase, to achieve better cross-platform support (especially a native OSX solution). If you'd like to contribute to that and are okay with Qt, please PM me and we'll loop you in.

Really great to hear someone else wanting a native OSX GCS, as I also use Mac only.

So far I have found Fusion to be the pick of the emulators, as it's hardware transparency is hard to beat.

It's price is right and you can run it in Unity mode which just hides the windoze desktop and the program appears as a windowed app.

But still having to run Windoze is a burden on machine load I can do without.

I WAS a Mac developer a looong time ago but mostly in 4GL's, client/server, that sort of stuff.


Also look at MAVProxy. It is not very fancy but extremely stable (you need that in the field) and versatile (you need that when you develop).



Hi Chris, can you takeme in? Im interested in seeing it and contributing if I can.

Regards, Soren

Sure! I'll PM you to get your email address, so I can loop you in with the team. 

That sound looks interesting. But Im just student that want to develop own ground control using c# for my final project. Will someone guide me. Thanks. 

Hi Chris,

I am new to DIYDrones and building a drone for the first time. I have quite a bit of experience with Qt. So digging in or submitting things shouldn't be a problem. Have been searching a lot but couldn't find any definitive list what is missing QGC compared to mission planner, any roadmap in some wiki or something like that. 

Any pointers.

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