Guidance please,

One M2MPower ESC will not see the Receiver (AMP not in loop yet) - so just beeps away (Alert tone 2) - the rest armed perfectly - so I assume its faulty - will have to get another one - Agree?

I have some other escs around - can you mix ESCs or do they have to be identical? Its an 18amp turnigy or similar?

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You can try recalibrating it with your Receiver (boot up with throttle in high position) but if that doesn't work and you've tried other commands in the ESC manual, you may indeed have a bad ESC.
Tried all of that - think its not working - As as I said I have a Turnigy Plush 18A ESC - does it matter if all ESCs not identical? If they have same throttle range and same settings as far as possible - should it work ?

I gues if the acceleration is very different and timing is different, it might cause a problem?

Worth trying!
Thanks for you optimism! I will try and order a replacment in case - thanks for all your work on the ArduCopter - nice kit

Did it work?

Yes - worked fine - no noticeable difference

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