I have the ardu hexa and Im using it for some time. I made the 6 pos mode switch instructed on google code. To be honest Im not very happy with it. If I want to jump from programed positions to the other which is for example 3 or 4 positions away, ti takes my attention off  and I need to remember all 6 positions...:).

Will not be easier to set f/ex 3 and 2 pos switches to controll the fly moedes?

There is about 10 modes, but we usualy use 6. This 6 we can divide to controlled with the ALT CTRL and ALT CTRL OFF. So now what if one switch will turn the ALT CTRL and 3 pos fly mode swith will controll the other modes. Follow it:

1. STABLE- ALT CTRL OFF + STABLE (1-st pos.),


3. POS HOLD- ALT CTRL OFF + GPS (2-nd pos)


5. .....

6. ......

Two combinations left for ALT CTRL and 3-th pos on the switch.

I am not programmist, so I have no idea how to set it, but I throw an idea for smater than me... ;)

P.S. Forgive my language. Im not a English speaker ;)

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Use a 3 position switch for stabilize, auto, RTL, and use 2 positions switches for other modes.

- Loiter

- Alt Hold


Then use a gyro channel on Ch5 and flight mode conditions to send the right mode according to the switch positions. Very efficient and simple to program.


Put the more dangerous modes lower in the flight condition priorities, so that you can always use a safer mode without disabling the previous mode switch.


Use Ch7 for simple mode option.


I did this on my aurora 9 radio, but i suppose that most other mid range radios can do this. For more safety, put some different color tubes on your switches lever.


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