Take look at this airframe http://www.vimeo.com/4576567

Not pretty, but modular, parts are easily exchangable and the airframe is probably low cost.

One could probably make an electronics container in light foam instead of mounting the electronics to the outside of the front like it looks like this guy has done.

Exchangable payload modules could probably also be made.

Anyone know about a wing design that is similar to the one on the video?
Looks like the tail boom is in balsa and that the tail is a spare from another plane.
Note the rear mounted servos. Makes the tail detachable and allows for more weight in the front of the plane.


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Using a lipo battery pack as a skid might someday be pyrotechnically interesting...
Hehe. Yes I noticed that too.

However, that could easily be taken care of by isolating the LiPo with a piece of EPP or something.

I like the idea, and function before looks anyday

It would be nice to do a twin boom design, pusher motor, electrics up the front, with the payload area between the booms, on CG, bit like thunderbird two from the tv series
Sounds exactly like my 81" Cessna 337 from NitroModels.

It's HUGE.

Enough room for all my growing needs.
Room for several Lipo packs for the AP, the video TX, and the telemetry, the RC, and lots of EP motor reserve.

Even though it has a cavernous cabin, I am installing the AP and RX in the centre wing panel. (close to the therompiles and the GPS ant)

The oblique camera, and the vertical cam, and the front PT camera all go in or near the nose and the video TX is then more than a foot away from the electrics so no servo chattering from any RF noise conflicts. (like I initially had in my FPV EasyStars)

It's a great UAV platform!

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