Out of curiosity I did a search for people in Montreal and noticed that there is quiet a few.  So I  thought, if there isn't already a user group why don't I propose one.  The summer is here and the weather ( today ) is ideal.

I am new to Montreal (Quebec) and I am not familiar with the techy groups here.  If you guys can suggest some interesting UGs I would be grateful.  I have found the www.foulab.org the people there seem cool, but they're not UAV centric, rather general techno.


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Hey Bob,  I would love to visit the Foulab space, I am going to start building my UAV soon (i have all the parts)  but i just need some guidance, and a used radio that i can mod to a 2.4 with FRSKY.

Let me know how is best to reach you and see this space. 

I would love to link up to this community. 


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