Out of curiosity I did a search for people in Montreal and noticed that there is quiet a few.  So I  thought, if there isn't already a user group why don't I propose one.  The summer is here and the weather ( today ) is ideal.

I am new to Montreal (Quebec) and I am not familiar with the techy groups here.  If you guys can suggest some interesting UGs I would be grateful.  I have found the www.foulab.org the people there seem cool, but they're not UAV centric, rather general techno.


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We are trying to change the open hours of the foulab ( it is changing). Once a member you can make your own hours.

I have been thinking about making my own foam planes/parts with the cnc & maker bot :) but we'll have to see about that, there are only 24hours in a day. :)

Sounds interesting!

I'll definitely need to go check out the lab!

Cheers for the infos


Hi there,

I'm living in the Montreal area and I'm very instered about a user group ou techy group !

I havent started to work on a diy drones, it's on project but I need experience and people to share ideas with.

It can be good to keep this post updated about user group and projects in the Montreal region.

See you!


Salut Paul,
Thanks for bumping this thread; Presently, I only know about 5-10 people who would be interested in this topic,

I have a potential indoor meeting place at the foulab (in St-Henry, Mtl.).   The foulab seems to be one of the only techy spaces in MTL. I personally find the lab a great place of diversity and talent (but take note of Jonathan's comments above).
If anyone wants to have access to some test equipment etc, the foulab holds an open house on tuesday nights, after 7:30 (ish) BUT contact me first so I can help organize your visit.

If you have any specific questions feel free to contact me via the list, or post it to this thread: the more Montreal'ers  we can get the better.

( demographic statistics ) What area are you in?

I only know of two techy groups in Montreal. http://www.foulab.org lots of scopes, saws, power tools, geeks etc …and I have just heard about http://thefactory.mcgilleus.ca I dont know if they have any of their own equipment.

BTW:  The foulab is predominantly bilingual, and looks like most of us on this thread are too.  Donc, if you are as uncomfortable writing in English as I am French :)
SVP soyer libre de répondre en français aussi!



Hello to all of you,

I am also in Montreal (Plateau). A friend and I have just started working on our first quadcopter using APM. This should be an interesting project. We've also dropped by Foulab a few times, very nice people and space, maybe we'll bring in our quad once the project is more advanced.

If you are having a meet up, please let me know!


Hi guysl,


i am also a newbi here and to UAV (although, i did lots of reading) . I have quite a few birds that i am ready to transform to UAVs and i would be interested to participate, exchange, and possibly meet once in a while with some local guys. I see that there seems to be a few members from the south shore of Montreal. Probably due to the fact that we have a few flying clubs around because or the open fields and country (like) environnement. I am lucky enough to be able to fly my gliders and helis at the end of my street because it's all open fields (agricultural), very few trees and i have permission from the owners. I'd love to able to meet with some of you guys to share knowledge, exchange ideas and perhaps do some fun fly.


Keep me posted, ill be following this thread...


PS: I'm french, so, feel free to reply in french if you prefer..


Hi all. I'm also from Montreal, in the plateau area like Mat J. I just recently picked up an AR.Drone, which accidentally led me to this site. I've been reading for hours, and will probably be putting the AR.Drone on ebay, and move on to a fixed wing UAV project. I'd love to see an ardupilot in action!

Update this post if you have idea or projet concerning drone aroung the Montreal area, I will be pleased to participate.

I'm french too, so english or french will be ok.


Hi i'm from Québec (Québec) and start a new project, built my drone for  arieal photography .



there is a new Quebec fpv forum entirely in french... for those interested!


I am in Montreal too and interested in multicopters, classic heli, FPV and aerial pictures. Speak French also.

Quick question for Montrealers people:

My QuadX with APM2.0 looks is not more able to fly, but not sure why this. I am not a beginner, no crash, but also can not become airborne again. The actual QuadX did have more than 50 flights before.

Wondering if I can find someone with a multicopter to test my APM2.0. Simple to install my APM2.0 in your model and see if is able to fly. I am in west island.

Hey Mat, I am in Ville Marie, and have all the parts to start building , my UAV Y copter. I would love to talk to you and see your UAV. I am very new at this and could use some guidance, also where is the foulab?


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