I got my replacement APM2 last week. Thanks for getting it to me so quickly by the way. Anyway I got everything up and running. I did some test flights in the living room and everything was going great. I started to tune the PID's and it was hovering nice and steady.

I swapped out batteries and plugged it in. I noticed that my remote was not working any more. I had signal and the light on the receiver was on. I plugged it into the USB and kind of like before it would not be recognized by windows. I bought a programmer the last time around and grabbed it. Sure enough the 32U2 was blank. So I flashed it with the latest code.

Now when I plug it in it's like someone is plugging and unplugging it very fast. Sometimes I can get it to stay connected for a second sometimes 45 seconds. I got it to stay long enough once to reload the firmware through APM Planner. I get multiple connection beeps like I just plugged in three things at once. Then it will get a couple disconnect beeps like I unplugged two things. It just sits there and loads and unloads over and over again.

I checked the connections and looked as best I could at the connector on the APM2 to make sure it was fine. Doesn't seem to matter if I plug it in and leave it laying there or plug it in and shake it about. I get the same results.

I can however connect just fine to the 3DR radio. I have been doing everything over that for now. I was just worried though that I might be flying along and have the PPM stop working and I would loose control.

Anyone got an idea of what might be happening and better yet why it happened. All I did was swap to a new battery.


Now the APM2 seems to just be spewing data out the 3DR radios still connect but if I try and go to the terminal I get this with out doing anything.

f`ax~~s2K8qJp=?A!rc A6F:?8br/>_stQu<_Ejktmei8XvJp=?@!?w9Gu,kmi8K%xJp=?@!y///-Qz{*R|3GPHixksR}>\P~HHSHTD
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HT?+%SRTDQ.`5*fB>Np'lA2,;>-$*SOOOOOO #S!c A6F:?<+QoTj0pD9i?1JY?B!?$UDkMqD9iZ*:?JY?A!pS /?//-;*zVPHixksR>uX8Wkre\:?Ju?A!kLZXIR ]XTDL.?*fB>p,'lA2,;>-?$8bXOOOOOOy#;Sc A6F:?<t[YJj^rD998wJu?(B!J?Lk[Fi"ri?JY?!I ///-)L*<h+ZPHixksRX?>KL;][ixreiZ*:2JY?!D ]HSl]TD
#.|*fB>p8'lA2,;>-$d]OOOOOOQ#S?c A6F:?f<e~?H_Zlcr<:`s?J
#?`!T`lr98dJ>!@] ///-""*8jaPHixksR \>b
.?*fB>pp?'lA2,;>-$bOOOOOOb#T(Xbdlq%?@E8J\>!dc A6F:?S<U[3XQsdksp\:8sJz>!?ofljp:9?mJ)\>`!k///-+*ePHixksRk>Bg
HT__,g=TDu.0*fB>p'lA2,;>-jD$hgOOOOOO:J#:Tkc A6F:?<KGh-mo98T>J=
>!vn///-*yiPHixksR>J(mHR4*mTDL.'*fB>p'lA2,;>-+$/mOOOOOO#Rec A6F:?<YX2mlW)qD9i?J=
>A!Gv oIlo<:\:8P?J=
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.e *fB>8p,'lA2,;>-$erOOOOOO{#Sc A6F:?Z<}DDEs!kr@EZ*:J?$B!suo,mAs~i8J?A!    ///-J\*tPHixksR'>9v1mpD998E J
.S*#fB>4p<'lA2,;>-?$$lwOOOOOO0%#9Sd&c A6F:?< '(|xlU-qi?q)J?!K0 *zj*o<:98+J?!8 ,///--d.*>/XxPHixksRM0>}N1dv|kn1982J
#?@!3T|HRT4|)TD.=*5fB>p 'lA2,;>-6$|OOOOOO-7#SU8c A 6F:?S<9:L~qhkoD99Z*:?;J
#?A!6>///-u?@*6 AxhPHixksRB>VCQ,Dp
p'lA2,;>-G$OOOOOOH#S-?Ih%o<:85JJp=?@B!b'Kc A6F:?< rLM$fi;p,D9@E:NJp=?B!?OQjp\:Z*:PJp=?A!S?Q///-RS*=+TPHixksRFU>.V)HT&Wl,TD)\.*XfB>p 'lA2,;>-Y$<1OOOOOOWZ#7S[c A6 F:?<+"m\]{#oh!p@D9\:Z*:*^Jp=? A!_Rhp\:?H`Jp=?@!?aP#%h]#oB<:@E0xybJY?0B!ic///-iZde*fhPHixksR!#g>ohaHSidTD.[F*jfB>:p'lA2?,;>-k$xiOOOOOOfl#S*mc A6F:?<wU4(nQko[f4m-D99:`pJY?B!?qfnbp

I am on Arducopter 2.6. Now sometimes the radios don't connect until after a few resets. Wondering if it because of all the chatter. The orange LEDs are on constantly not like before.

Any ideas would be great.

I have not heard back from support. I sent them email going on three weeks ago now.



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Was that 3DR support? If so, please email them again and let me know if you don't get a response in 48 hours. 

Most likely you have a wrong driver loaded.  You need to remove this first.  I'd suggest that if you're at this point you probably need a fresh install of windows anyways.

You also probably overwrote the bootloader, so search for the instructions on fixing that.

Thanks for the quick responses.

Yes Chris it was 3DR support. I'll try and send them another email.

Jake I did remove and reinstall the driver. I also tried other machines and no luck. I wondered if somewhere some code got stuck and when I loaded the 32U2 firmware again it wrote what it needed to in flash but something was stuck in the Eprom. Or could something be like that on the main APM2 processor?

The APM seems to work and fly other than the listed issues above. The compass doesn't seem to work but I can't test it until I can get into CLI.

I'll search for fixing the bootloader. Also I thought about reloading the firmware using the programming tool I have and Atmel studio. Problem is I know nothing about Arduino so I don't know how to create the hex file that would go into the 2560. Is there a write up on that? I looked but didn't seem to find anything.

Thanks again

I remember a bootloader post and instructions not too long ago.  A search can probably find it.

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