Most sophisticated drone and UI combination. HUD, MYO,

Hi guys,

Im into MILSIM where we run around and shoot each other in military simulation skirmishes with airsoft guns. I have had this crazy idea of putting a drone into the equation and use it for the skirmishes. 

But I wont stop there, I have looked into the MYO wifi armband gesture remote and the Recon Instruments Jet Heads Up Display, that are due to be released in the end of this year. 

The scenario I want to complete: 

Lets say you have a squad of maybe 6 people all with the Heads Up Display on there glasses which can show realtime maps and coordinates of your team mates, objectives etc. but also has a video input channel you can switch to and see what your teammates can see ( Since the Recon Instruments Jet has a build in camera on each HUD) That feed should be streamed to every teammate so they can tap in and get intel. Also the MYO armband should be implemented to control the HUD so you would get seamlessly control with gestures instead of having a keypad of some sort to navigate with. 

Same thing goes with the Drone, the video feed from the drone should be streamed via WIFI as well and you should be able to tap in the video feed with the HUD as well. Im thinking of using the AR Parrot setup that you can easily connect with the HUD. 

But for all this to work I would like your expert opinions on how you do this.

I know the WIFI range is limited but I think I have a solution for this that takes advantages of all the team members that are out there on the field.

Im thinking since every teammate is spread out in the field and by having a bridge connection and a WIFI access point on each teammate you would always have a very good connection if they are chain connected. 

Anyone know if this could work? I know there are a lot of software that needs to be made, but I believe the possibilities are there. Please give me your opinions guys :-) 

- Emil

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Sounds neat . I think you'd have to have a HUB of some sorts (computer base station) that takes in all these video channels and then distributes them.

The drone (and HUDs) would likely transmit vid back to the HUB. The armbands then communicate with the HUB to change channels which are fed back to each user bu request.

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