I believe I received a defective motor from 3DR.

I ordered the Quad kit, full electronics, with the 850kv motors.

When I apply throttle, all of the motors start up (no props!), but one of the motors sounds like it is "sputtering". Within 10 seconds or so, that motor cuts out. If I return the throttle back to zero and try again, the bad motor will restart, but it quickly cuts out again.

Things I have tried with no improvement:

* swapped ESCs

* swapped the order of the 3 motor wires

* hooked the ESC directly to receiver channel 3

Anything else to try? Otherwise I'd like to know how to get a replacement.

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Tried help@3drobotics. So far crickets.

I have had some spotty motor performance, too... and with so many ESCs and motors, it is not easy to diagnose - especially post-failure (crashing with a quad is unfortunately how I've learned I have a cooked motor/ESC).

Fortunately, the motors are only eighteen bucks.  I'm moving to the 880kv's and still they're not breaking the bank at $24... so my solution for a very similar problem is to have spares.  Buy spares - always - and be prepared to swap out in order to isolate the issues.

Hope this helps..


I finally got ahold of 3DR support and shipped my defective motor back to them. I should have a replacement next week.

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