Hello all,

Tried setting up a motor emergency stop via CH7 option, and it does not seem to work.  I am running an APM V2.8 with receiver inputs via SBUS.  When switch is engaged MP shows CH7 going to 2013, yet motors continue to spin.  Not sure if it is software related or not.  Attached it a log.

Thanks for the help


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I didn't think motor stop was supported on that version.

That would explain it.  Is there any immediate disarm fuction?  I am looking to prevent an unrecoverable flyaway, via shutting down my quad as a last ditch effort.  

Suppose, I will program my remote to send the disarm sequence, and stabilized flight mode with the flip of a swtich.  Would however like to have something that would be quicker.

Thanks, Jeff 

I too had this issue. Randy has replied here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Db4u8LJE5w that motor emergency stop won't be supported for the APM 2.x boards. APM 3.2 was the last version for APM 2.x.

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