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For the past couple of months, I've been helping a friend with his APM 2.5 and APM 2.0 equipped octos and hexas and we haven't had success with getting rid of the often fatal motor hiccups on both the 2 and 2.5 boards. With some bench testing, I've narrowed the cause to bad radio input since the hiccups only occur when I put in cyclic/ yaw input. Increasing and decreasing throttle shows no problem. I've tried all the suggestions I read in the other "hiccup" thread and I still haven't been able to eliminate it. I've tried the latest to the older firmwares, reduced the D and P on rate roll and rate pitch. I'm quite certain it's not a problem with the escs or the bullet connectors because we equipped the hexa with an aq50d and it performed flawlessly. What could be causing the bad input commands resulting in the hiccups? 

Orange RX 9channel (no satellite)

Gaui Motors and ESCs

Castle BEC
Talon Hexa Frame from Hobbyking

Here's the Log file. I just held the hexa up with my hand so the attitude isnt level. I ran up the throttle to mid stick and mad small inputs on the pitch and roll. 

Ardu Hexa Log


Serge G.

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Finally figured it out. Wires on the input coming from the RX was loose. Used different female-female wires, now the problem is gone! :D


Excellent news.  I actually looked at your logs and found the spikes but had a computer problem and forgot to post the pic!  Anyway, here's the mad little ticks that you were having.

Thanks for the analysis sir! :D


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