motor mount LED's/latest firmware/mission planner - what is the status?

Newbie here.

I've been trying to figure out how/where to connect motor mount LED's, but there seems to be a few different ways to connect them, requiring code entries and compilation.  I'm just getting started, and using the mission planner for config and downloads.  Is there a way to get lights working?


Thanks - Steve

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Hi Steve,

No, It seems to be heading away from that, and I couldn't find a step-by-step primer on how to do it.  If you know of one, please point me to it - might be nice to know.

has there been any update on this. was working on led's the other night and couldnt get them to work. finally found some of the programming in the mission planner, but was wondering when the last changes were made.

This is my led file, see my video:




Mentioning that the original code for the ledshow was written by u4eake would have been nice ;-)


well i want to say thank you to both of you guys. really appreciate it.

Thanks to all for sharing their work controlling the motor mount LED's.  Specially Max Levine for the mod allowing the use of  Strip LED's.

I'd like to mirror the Red and Green (APM A & C) LED's to the back two arms of my X configured quad.  The front arms will be static white for the moment.

I've had some partial success with this by altering the LEDS.PDE file with changes like this...

if (GPS_light){
digitalWrite(C_LED_PIN, LED_OFF);digitalWrite(LE_LED, LOW);
digitalWrite(C_LED_PIN, LED_ON);digitalWrite(LE_LED, HIGH);


digitalWrite(A_LED_PIN, LED_ON);digitalWrite(RI_LED, HIGH);
digitalWrite(A_LED_PIN, LED_OFF);digitalWrite(RI_LED, LOW);

Very basic, as in the examples above, wherever the A or C LED's are turned on or off, I've added an extra control for the motor LED's.

This works just as intended UNTIL the motors are armed.  The Green (A) LED on the APM is on as usual but the Green arm LED's are off for some reason.

Could someone have a quick look and see where I'm going wrong?

I've attached my modded leds.pde file to show the full extent of the changes.

P.S. I suspect my motor arm LED's are connected in an unusual order, as the two back arms seem to respond to LEFT and RIGHT LED commands and the two front, to FRONT and BACK.


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