Hey one of my motors isn't spinning correctly can someone help

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Here is a video of the motor


You have either a bad connection on one of the 3 phases or the motor has an open winding which can be checked with a meter or one of the phases on the ESC is bad.

Looks like bad connection somewhere, probably poor soldering on bullet connectors.

Darn bullet connectors have been responsible for more transient problems than most users realize.

Wherever possible, direct solder your motor/battery/ESC connections!

At the very least, don't go for the cheapest priced ones you can find.  

Buy the solid brass ones, not flimsy stamped metal.

Oh, and never use the tin automotive ones!

Does the one motor make more noise than the others?

Possible bearing issues (?)

I use this on all my bullet connectors when soldering them solid isn't preferred, works a treat:


so i broke the e clip / c clip under the motor and now it is working i think


Sounds like a misaligned bearing... the clip may have been holding the bearing or shaft too tight(?)

Doesn't sound like a long term solution though.

If you follow forum threads (like at rcgroups) you'd be surprised at the high percentage of motors with bearing issues and bent shafts, right out of the box.

Do you think you'll go for warrantee?

I already did and hoping to get a new motor meanwhile I ordered new c clip of eBay to try and fix the motor

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