I have calibrated the ESCs, installed the latest firmware and followed setup procedures by the book; The props start spinning the moment the APM is armed. I am using the APM 2.0 with a 3.1 Arducopter V Quad setup. What do i need to check? If it is of any use, PWM values range between 937 and 2097 when calibrating the radio. Could that be an issue?

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Try a few clicks of 'down' trim on the throttle to get below the ESC threshold point.

It won't hurt your operation, probably.


Hi Naren,

That's normal for the new firmware version 3.1. If you want to disable the motor spin after arm, find "MOT_SPIN_ARMED" in the full parameter list and set it to zero.


on 3.1, the motors are supposed to spin when armed (safety feature). it can be adjusted/turned-off using mot_spin_armed or video on it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s2EIWj2186Q

Try reading the manual 

Thanks. That is a feature i appreciate.




I did look for specific information and failed to notice that detail Perhaps i missed it ; can you tell me which section that information is in? ( I thought is should be under ESC or Motor setup under the first time setup menu).



Google is your friend.


A related question. If you do set MOT_SPIN_ARMED to zero (which I don't), will the props stop in flight in Acro or Stabilize modes if the pilot suddenly puts in zero throttle stick ?

PS. I like to see the props turning slowly when the copter is armed as a safety feature.


     It's mentioned on the AC3.1 release thread but I've added it to the arming/disarming wiki page as well just now.  Sorry for the oversight.  We didn't update that page since the AC3.1 release.


     Yes, if MOT_SPIN_ARMED is zero the props will completely stop if you put the throttle at zero in Stabilize or ACRO even if you're flying.  In other flight modes where the autopilot has control of the throttle (AltHold, Loiter, etc) they will keep spinning.

     This does mean that in Stabilize, Acro the pilot needs to be a little careful but it also gives you full control of the motors in case something bad happens and you need to shut the motors down.

"Motors can stop if we put throttle to zero in if MOT_SPIN_ARMED is zero the props will completely stop if you put the throttle at zero in Stabilize or ACRO even if you're flying middle of flight"??!!

Really??Where can we read about that behavior?



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