Hi again,

The next step ....... after assembly and radio control problems, I managed to get my motors to turn.

When I tried to lift off for the first time, the hexa just stayed in place, didn't move. So, I thought about all the posts I read on this forum, and I changed all the pushers for normal propellors (and vise versa of course). The hexa started to lift off, but tilted immediately and heavy to 1 side, in as far that the propellors would have touched the ground before I could really lift off.

So, now I have two issues :

1./ By changing propellors, I now have a configuration that doesn't accord with the wiki-drawings (hexa +), is that wrong or doesn't it matter ? I suppose the motors have been oriented differently on my hexa. See picture below :

2./ Because of that first problem and the heavy tilt, I tried to test the motors in CLI to see how they turn and in which direction, as mentioned in wiki (http://code.google.com/p/arducopter/wiki/AC2_Props_2

But I only had a response from 2 motors : "Normal propellor 1 & 2", the other motors didn't react to any stick movements (see text on picture above). 

Once again, there has to be a couple of things I don't understand yet. 

Thanks guys.


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The orientation of the APM and the propellor direction should be as per the wiki.  Swapping propellors (and, I assume, motor directions) will, at very least, cause Yaw problems.

Sounds a little like you might have motor direction problems.  Going back a step, did ESC calibration go OK?  When you first tried to lift off, were all props turning and in the right directions (i.e. Normal = CCW, Pusher = CW)?

Yes, the calibration went well, I think. And at first (failed) take off, all motors started together and were turning, I think, at about the same speed. Maybe the motors have been orientated in the inverse way from the start, I will ask Jani. But before that, I will start them all up again and find out what way every single motor is turning with what propellor and come back to you with the exact actual setup.

I was also thinking that maybe my hexa is not centered as I have attached a photoship-one-gimbal to it, but the tilt was so severe to one side that I didn't think that could be the cause. 

Thanks a lot.


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