Had a horrible crash yesterday, I finally got my TBS discovery together and I have been taking it out for short hovers to tweak it. Well, the day before it would not shut off all the way when I landed. It would bounce a few times, land and then the motors would just run at low RPM. First time it crashed into snow.. Next time I flew I had no problems, so last night went to fly again same problem. I land it is motors spinning, I am trying to disarm it no joy! So I am looking at it release the rudder from disarming and it jumps up into the air! Throttle is in the off position, and it is acting like it is in altitude hold. Well it is spinning around and I barely have control, clips a branch, Bam into the ground. Suck, 3 broken props/arms, dented camera.

Ok so here is my setup, TBS discovery, Spektrum, 2.5 apm, HD19, 400mw 1.3, MavlinkOSD, 12v reg, 14v battery and sunsky 800 motor. So what am I doing wrong?

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Hey Jay,

Were you in Acro when you couldn't disarm? I had a wipe-out (total loss) after a crash where I had uncontrolled throttle and couldn't disarm in Acro mode...

I for

Can you upload the logs from the APM?

Any of the developers would need to see the logs to to be able to determine what might have been the cause.

Were you trying to disarm in Acro or Stabilise mode?

You do know you can only disarm in these 2 modes?

What tuning did you do and what main parameters are you using, can you upload your parameter file?

If you are in Loiter/alt hold the motors will keep running.

I forgot to mention that I was in stabilze mode, that I have experince flying quads. I have done no other tuning but auto trim. I will upload a log when I get off of work, I do not have the GPS hooked up at this time. 

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