I was wondering how people are mounting their radios to tablets? I have checked eBay and Amazon and I cannot find anything.

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Wow, just what  I was looking for.

Now to find someone with a 3D printer.....

Hi Mike,

here is my really cheap solution. Just a small wooden rod, and a small metal plate, connected with velcro.

Works fine for me.

Best regards,



Where is the transmitter antenna?

The FS-THX9 that comes with the IRIS is using the antenna on the back from the telemetry module, it does not have an "own" antenna. That's why I could plug the small piece of wood in where the "real" antenna would normally be. Btw, I was inspired by this post, take a look at the first picture:



Thanks for sharing this! This saved few days and one prototype for me. Your structure helps also winter (and rain) flying if it is covered with transparent film and is heated. Weight isn't a problem for few minute flights.

There should be a thread for such dashboard projects.

a simple tablet holder with some plywood and a 9cheap CF fpv screen holder found on hobbyking

I mount mine on the side of my makeshift sun shade with velcro, works quite well

Here's how I did my quick disconnect for either my Nexus 7 or my Black Pearl to my Taranis radio. After rummaging through my box of GoPro mounts I found a combination that works pretty well along with the standard eBay universal carbon fiber tx bracket. It's reasonably balanced while still maintaining a quick disconnect. As far as the Nexus goes you do have to stick a GoPro slide on the back but this is the only thing I use the tablet for so no big deal. The Black Pearl mounts the same way.

I am using this 3D printed holder  http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:350647 and it works great.

Interesting, I just bought a 3D printer too. I need to swap back and forth my Black Pearl though.

If anyone needs CAD creation we can create the CAD file & print also in-house!

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