Moxon Antenna:

I am researching antennas for my GCS and I came across moxon on antennas and this tool to give you the dimensions for a moxon antenna for the frequency you input.

For any one else that is new to all this and is looking to get a better understanding like I am, I thought I would pass on these tools I have found.

To fine tune your antenna the tool can generate a NEC model.

With that NEC  model you can put it into the 4nec2 tool:

This tool is very cool, it allows you to play with your antenna to fine tune it. The tool gives you the ability to look at different aspects of your antenna.

This is far from my field so most of it is wasted on me but I find it very interesting.

If some one more informed could give us less informed readers their professional opinion of the moxon antenna?

I am looking at getting better performance than a 3dBi dipole antenna. I understand that this is a directional antenna, for that reason I wanted to use it on my GCS and was looking at putting it on a antenna tracker.

I have nothing against the rubber ducky I just want to learn a little and if I can build it then that's always more fun.

Here are the links:

Moxon gen:


Let me know your thoughts?

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The reason I am looking at these moxon antenna is that I am purchasing the RFD900+ and I have Medium gain omni-directional antenna covers the GSM 900, GSM1800 / UMTS and LTE frequency bands antenna mounted on the project and I intend to add a 3dBi dipole as the diversity antenna.

For the GCS I was thinking of having a Moxon possibly on a tracker and another 3dBi Dipole.

Could anyone please give me an opinion on the setup I am proposing?


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