MP 1.2.58, 1.2.59 can't browse for logs on new Surface Pro

Many apologies if this has already been asked and remedied, I wasn't able to find anything on a search..

Just got a new Surface Pro 128 the other day and have loaded MP on it.  I haven't yet connected to an APM, but wanted to review logs while on a very long flight from San Diego to London.  MP is locking up as soon as I hit the "Load Log" button under the Telemetry Logs tab, and also under the "Tlog > Kml or Graph" window when I hit "Graph Log." 

I've uninstalled and reinstalled a few times, stepping back and forth between .58 and .59.  I then started to suspect problems with the .NET Framework, so uninstalled and reinstalled that via Win8's add/remove features.  I have tried installing 3.5sp via the download and when I click on the downloaded file, it doesn't seem to do anything.

I started focusing on the framework then, and cranked up a quick .net app (making sure to use v3.51 as the runtime in the IDE) and coded a button to open up the file dialog like this:

private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
OpenFileDialog ofd = new OpenFileDialog();
label1.Text = ofd.FileName;

The file dialog opens fine.

Has anyone else run in to an issue like this, or does anyone have any suggestions on what else I can do?  Is a connection to APM required at least once before the review of any logs, or is that unnecessary?


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I am having the same issue on my surface.  Any luck on figuring it out?  I have tried to go through the .net installs and all should be ok.

Sure did Dennis.. My buddy Scott solved this earlier this year and just pointed me to it a bit ago, here is the thread that links to the video drivers you need to download and install..

I just saw that and tried it.  solved my problem as well.

thanks for finding the solution and sharing it.

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