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Nothing I can do about this one. it never appears in the log file.

It is there, but because there are only 12 line numbers between them it is under the other tag

Whoa, hold on ! Since when is the Cool MODE display there?? Is this in DataFlash Log graphs?

BTW, long time no speak Michael, GREAT GREAT work on MP since we last spoke! Well done!!!

Edit : Just updated to latest version, the mode indicator is really cool. Just one thing i am not clear on, and perhaps a suggestion.

What mode is selected in the areas between the white areas? or is stabilise not barred? Or is it only indicationg the instance of change?

How about assigning a colour for each mode and have a colour bar at the bottom, If its possible I suggest : 

Stabilise : Green
Alt Hold :Orange

Loiter : Yellow
RTL : Red
Acro  :Blue
The Rest : whatever


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