I must be a complete idiot about getting parameters set for my quad. I have done everything I can think of on setting and still I get no positive results. I have a DJI FW450 quad and having set all parameters the way I think is correct is resulting in failed attempts at Alt Hold, loiter, etc. My question is: does anyone have a saved parameter file they can send me as a starting baseline for my quad, and then I may be able to tweek it from there? Any help would be appreciated.



Contact info: jared@geoblu.org

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Checking your logs I have found is the key to getting the alt hold and loiter setup properly.

Initially I could get no stability in Alt hold but on checking the .log , and help from Jason initially in pointing it out, there was a lot of noise, so the poor program had no chance of giving me stable Alt. Protecting the Baro and shielding the Sonar has fixed that and the parameter changes now do what it expected.

Then I encountered twitching motors, with some twitches giving a 45deg roll :-( , and the .log revealed spikes in the roll_in values, which pointed to the Rx and was finally tracked to the Tx, which I will have to take apart and fix.

So your .log's are the answer to a lot of issues and it really pays to spend time to go over them and learn what they should and should not look like.

These are the .logs from Terminal/Log Download and are read with the Terminal/Log Browse functions

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