Hi all! Currently working on a multi-drone system and was wondering if one 3DR Radio will be able to connect to 2 drones(both with their own 3DR Radio) simultaneously? If not, what are the steps I need to take to get such a system working. Whether it be a new RFD900 multipoint radio on the ground or if all of the radios need to be replaced by mulitpoint radios. I'm hoping that it I just need to update my current radios firmware to support multipoint.

All help much appreciated!

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I'm wondering the exact same thing. I know Qgroundcontrol supports multi-agent planning, but mission planner doesn't. As far as communications, would it be possible to have two 3dr radios, one operating on each available frequency, to communicate to both? Or do they have to be using the same com port? 

Hey Dallin, I have only tested multi drone on the new APM Planner 2 connecting two drones via cable. Im guessing it would still work with a 3DR Radio for each drone since it creates a whole new connection on a seperate Com port. However for my project I am trying to get it to work with a single radio for many drones. I have heard that if you flash the radios with this firmware (https://github.com/RFDesign/SiK) then it may work since it has multi hopping capabilities.

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