I am beginner in this. I would like to know what type of multicopter is right for  windy mountainous areas, as for example with 35 mph of wind. 

Thanks in advance for your help

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Highly unlikely you will get any decent stable flight time.

Unless you go massive, in which case you will introduce other issues.

A lot of this is highly dependent on the amount of turbulence of the wind.  I've seen multicopters fly in 60 mph  wind, if it's an off-shore breeze that is very "smooth.  And then 20 mpg wind can be devastating if you're flying near any obstacles like trees or buildings.

generally the aerodynamics comes into play a lot in terms of the frame you choose especially under windy conditions. Also depends how well your copter (I assume) is tuned. I have a tricopter that performs well in ~25mph but thats because its wide and low profile. usually more motors = more stability in all conditions.

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