I am looking for an electronics Engineer that has experience designing LiPo battery charging circuity in the past. Please do not send me a cookie cutter response. I will simply reject them.

if you have a friend that has such expertise, please forward this post to them.

You need to provide me a proposal that can demonstrate that you know what you are doing and have the right amount of expertise and qualification to be qualified for further discussion about this project.

The key requirements are:

1. Being able to charge up to  16 x LiPo batteries simultaneously (4S and higher @10A) using balance charging method.
2. The system would stop charging the batteries once fully charged.
3. The system must have a communication port that would allow external systems to be able to perform and obtain the following information about the batteries through the charging system:

a) Current Voltage of the battery and the voltage of each individual cells.
b) Being able to instruct the system via software commands what battery to charge.
c) If the battery voltage has dropped to point where it can not be safely charged again, provide the status of the such battery via software methods.
d) While the battery is charged, provide each battery charge status via software.

I open to any microprocessors based solution that will address the software communication platform between the charging solution and external software that will control the charging solution.

Please provide a high level proposal via private email to me.



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all you need is programmable LiPo charger coming with USB port for software based diagnostics and control

It's safer to use 4 x Quad Chargers connected to your computer via USB hub

Aliexpress is your friend

Hi, i hope i dont molest you...:)

"perfect guys"


product line



I have not come across any with a diagnostic port and full control via software.

Any links to share?

d j said:


Interesting product. So you are suggesting stack 16 boards together to get what I need.

159 Euro x 15  = $2544 Euro "or" $2874 USD solution and then figure out the solution to talk to each individual board via a common software. A bit of cumbersome solution unless I am missing something.

Alberto Vila said:

Hi, thanks for reading my comment.
If the truth I think you are forgetting something fundamental and perhaps the most important.
You have to get in touch with that company through email.
explain your problem
and maybe they give you a specific solution for your problem for less money, in fact it is very likely that they will ...
They will attend you well, believe me.

and second ...
I did not make any suggestions, I simply put some links.
to make a suggestion I would present my own system, but as you will understand, if you need a real and fast solution, it is best to search the market, because simply the probabilities of success increase if one also actively searches for the solution

ok Master Yoda :)

Yes, I am planning to reach out them. I am not looking for a  quick solution though.

I am currently interviewing few people. I have feeling its going to be a custom built solution at the end.

I have done extensive search so far, there is nothing out there "or" I have not found anything.

Alberto Vila said:

Hi, thanks for reading my comment.
 for the solution

since you don't buy concept of 4 x low-cost programmable quad LiPo chargers



let me know your opinion about 100 x LiPo battery charger

charging 100 cells in parallel, using individual PWM controllers to control current

100S vs. 100P  LiPo charger

@ D J - You have sent one generic link to aliexpress and the 2nd link is for a protection switch for lead acid batteries.

Have you read my requirements? Balance charging each 4S+ battery pack, not parallel charge.

"1. Being able to charge up to  16 x LiPo batteries simultaneously (4S and higher

It's not clear if you plan to build 4S, 5S, 6S ... packs on your own

coming with temp sensor, connectors to remote balancer

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