Hi all,

I have just received my APM2 today so I'm a new user.

I want the APM2 to send out the MAVLink messages to my XBee, which I believe is UART0 as per the usual setup procedure in the manual...no problems here.

HJowever, I ALSO want the same messages to be sent down one of the other UARTs (don't mind which), so an exact copy.  As a secondary thing, it would also be nice if the APM2 was able to receive MAVLink messages from both ports but I don't know if this is possible?

So, how do I configure APM2 to send MAVLink down two UART ports?



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Hi Soren;

I am trying to do this but I have some questions.

Could Telemetry_UART2 be disabled by add this code to APM_config.h


I tried but its not working, maybe I did something wrong I just wanna know.Also If I can't with that code, do I need to delete all Telemetry_UART2 from all files. Finally, do the ports work as same port or seperate ports?

thank you

Hi Mohammed,

I tried your way also I used 3dr and my computer apm connected to pc with usb and I used the 3dr port not usb but I couldn't manage it.Also  I am not sure what you mean about soldering Do I need to solder uart0 rx to uart2 rx and go on like this with other pins. If like this what is the reason for that 

thank you


To make it clear:

1- I don't use the normal telemetry port.This is why I said you need to use the ports on the APM "side"

You will find 12 pins in a raw on one of the APM sides, that includes UART0 and UART2.

2- Don't solder UART0 to UART2. I meant that they normally come un-soldered. So, just solder some pins to them in order to be able to use them.

3- Add the code modification I pointed out previously, and it should work.

M. Zahana

Hi Mohammed;

Thank you for your answers, After that can I use uart2 and usb ports as a same port or seperate ports

I just checked that. I am using APM2.0, and they are not the same!

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