Hi all, I'm a university student looking at building an ArduPilot based UAV which also houses a single board computer (BeagleBoard) running linux.

I wish to have ssh/telnet access to the linux machine as well as live 2-way telemetry data from the ArduPilot. Both of these functions of themselves is easily doable, however I was wondering whether it is at all possible to essentially run independant serial connections to 2 seperate devices over a single radio link (XBee or similar)?

Please see attached image for serial connection topography.

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Not that I know of. I think for what you want, it would be better to have the Beagle Board run a tcp connection via a DroneCell and maybe feed the APM telemetry stream through that.
Thanks Chris, that does definitely make sense (And reduce weight a lot!)

Another quick question regarding the DroneCell...
What size of data per second would I be looking at roughly from the APM telemetry? The reason I ask is mainly because most SIM data contracts in the UK generally specify a relatively low monthly data usage (1-3 gigabytes usually). Obviously sending some text over a tcp connection isn't exactly bandwidth-heavy, but I honestly have no idea how much data it's going to be.

The DroneCell certainly seems like the most reasonable way to achieve this, and if the amount of data being sent/received is negligible then I will most likely go down this route. I just don't want to get hit by a surprise phone-bill hehe ;)


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