• I use a Scorpion SII 3014 1040kv motor with 11x6 prop. My Battery is a Zippy Flightmax 5800 mAh 4S1P, with a turnigy plush 60A ESC.  I program my Tx (Futaba 8UAPS) to  ATV throttle  to max 40% . 

    My flight time is about 20-25 min


  • Giovanni you are welcome . I m looking forward for your test . Today i upload to APM the latest code v2.71 seems to be ok with auto level, but the weather does not allowed to fly.   The Pid parameters was test with calm wind 4 bf max .

  • Thanks Nikos, I'll to test with that

  • Hi Giovani this is my last Pid settings . Sorry for one year delay but i use Mentor the last month .  I use APM v1.4 in this plane and   the auto levelleling is not working .

    Mentor last setup parameters.param
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