hello forum members,

                            i have built a quadcopter with total frame diameter of 45cm.actually we have a small competition in our college with the following size restrictions.
1)the total quad. should fit in a 30cm diameter round box.
2)it should go to a building which is 1km far and cover the activities going on there with a FPV system and return the initial position.
3)the quad. can be controlled with autopilot or manually with a transmitter.
4)one important note is it should have ultimate stability with maximum flight time.

      I wanna upgrade my quad. to the above specifications.plz suggest me a combo and also i want max. flight time of 30-40 min................

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Hi Sai,

UAV has its own limitations and the battery (usually) does not last for more than 15 minutes on average, if you are using a camera with it. In your case, conceiving the project with APM is very much possible.

For stability, there are lot of criteria for a quad (esp. if you want to build everything yourself). To be practical, if time is short, my suggestion to you is to purchase the quad parts (kit) from DIY and assemble them yourself. Getting stable hovering is a challenge but is doable!

For travel time of 2 km with a quad, you have to take into consideration, the battery life. If you want a higher battery life, you would need to get a 2400mAH LIPO battery instead of a 1200mAH one (again depends on the overall weight of the copter, on what you choose - there are certain calculations based on the requirements). So, you must decide based on your requirements and not randomly. Again, the higher the battery power, the higher is the weight of the battery (batteries are set in series in LIPO), so there's a tradeoff!

Requirement 1 means that the  quad must be a feet in diameter (a small quad i.e.). Remember, if you have a camera and you do processing, it would consumer more power to kill your battery eventually.

Hope this helps!

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