When the nose of my quad points south,  the Planner (or copertGCS) say North.  - all directions are good, but wrong.

The APM2 is mounted so that the SD card is in front left corner. - and GPS up, of course, do please don't ask that :)

it flies well, - but needless to say is useless to position hold, RTH.

how is this even possible ? - I recalibrated Compass, and also flew with learning on - does not help - the directions are good, but rotated 180degrees.

Firmware 2.5.4.

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Dear Chris, many tanks. Unfortunately I'm working in China and bought several apm1, 2, and Chinese dev. capm 3,3 in domestic market and used them. Btw the apm2 looks much more better then the previous one maide in China. No problem with uploading code and not required any changes via Arduino like gps protocoll or compass orientation.
That is right I missed the workings in the forum and it cost me to lose lovely toy.
Thanks for your great support.
Thank you. 2.5.5 did not exist at the time of the crash.
Oops, sorry. Thought you write to me, just forget the comment, the thank you and date of accident.

Ah. The ones made/sold in China are pirated and are of unknown quality and not supported.

All official APM 1s and 2s are made in the US (3D Robotics in San Diego and Sparkfun in Colorado) and only sold through those companies or authorized distributors (of which there are none in China).

Hi. Yes, what you describe sounds very familiar, the levelling problem gradually takes more and more input to counter, until landed. I were using soft rubber dampers, and there were no sign of too much vibrations.
Sorry to hear about your loss, take the discount offer, and hope you find the quad, dry. : )

Andke, I have the foamy dumpers and the box is mounted flexible as well. When I run those engines, on the graph has no hazard. 

The discount being in China is not easy to use, so many custom duties... I will run the experiment with local producer.


Yeah, the Chinese pirates... But now I have no choice. I want to fly and take pictures and movies. Can not wait, the spring exploded now in Dalian and after long winter the desire is much more stronger.


Chris the ver 2.5.5 working well. After many tests no any previous problems. I'm using retro loiter but the position I have in ~ 10 m circle. Is it safe to use normal loiter?

Sounds like the AHRS drifted.

Was it windy?

I uncovered a bug a while ago in arduplane where I believe it is using an incorrect model to correct the accelerometers to obtain its orientation with respect to the earth, mainly manifesting in windy conditions. It caused me at least one crash that was similar to what you described (pitch went so far off that it hit the limit and dived into the ground.) I don't know if it applies to arducopter or not and I don't know what progress was made with it after I went away for a bit. I don't think any was.

However, I was flying with APM1 at the time, and APM2's gyros drift a lot less, which basically lets us limit the rate at which we make corrections more, so an APM2 should take a lot longer to crash. I still don't think it is advisable to fly in any kind of wind at all, though. Which is kind of sad.

Pity there are no logs.

Yes, it was windy. 

And yes, I've earlier seen the same problem with APM1 (that I now use for a plane, and it works fine)

it seems as if the quad fights wind for a while, no matter what AP mode, - it will eventually get bad idea of AHI)

Maybe the APM want to go the other way around the earth to get to the target ...?

yes, it's important to note, that this error is not reproducible on another APM2 shield - it's clearly caused by that magnetometer not working correctly. - other APM2 works fine.

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