Firstly I should point out that I am a total newbi to both drones and r/c in general. I've been toying with the idea about a year and decided to give it a shot.

I WAS going to buy a Parrot AR 2.0 but realised that I could probably make something for the same price. Much more enjoyable, challenging and personal. :)

I've done some research on the principles and components and wanted to run it past people with some experience to be on the safe side:

MWC X-Mode 450 Quadcopter Frame with Heighten Broaden Landing Gear

2212 KV1000 Motor + 30A ESC + 10*45 Nylon Propellers

3s LiPo Battery 11.1V 2200mA (100mm*30mm*21mm)

RC Lipo Battery Low Voltage Tester

FLYSKY FS-T6 + receiver 2.4ghz Mode2

MWC MultiWii SE v2.5 Flight Controller with FTDI USB-TTL [35mm hole spacing so CRIUS distribution board))

CRIUS CO-16 OLED Display Module V1.2 for MWC MultiWii Flight Controller

(fpv) 5.8ghz circular polarized antenna(tx/rx)

Set 5.8Ghz 200mW Wireless AV Tx/Rx 

mini (30mm*30mm) 700tvl camera

4.3" lcd tft screen

Its come in at just under £200 after a lot of shopping about.

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Hey Boris,

How's it coming along? I'm a newbie here too - trying just to figure out what discussion forum to go to. I'm wanting to play around with building an autonomous vehicle of some sort. I was going to get into UAVs, but here in the states, the FAA is starting to make regulations that require UAV pilots to keep their aircraft within line-of-sight. And I just read a news story about a passenger jet landing at Heathrow that had to land early due to a hobby drone. Are there any similar regulations in the UK?


Hi Derek

Well thanks to everyones helpfull advice... Or lack of it. I decided to go ahead and order all the parts (I think) I need.

We dont come under FAA regulations in the UK. We have something called the CAA and there guidence for drones/UAV seems to be pretty simple. Basicly... so long as UAV is under 20kg and not being used for paid work you can fly it anywhere within line of sight. Your not allowed within 50m of people or buildings, 150m of events. You have a 400ft maximum height and 500m circumference to fly in... unless you get certified as a UAV pilot and have CAA approval.  

From what I can tell, you pay some guys some cash (lots) they give you some training, sit an exam, fill in CAA paperwork and your good to go... just not near an airport (2.5nm or closer with ATC permission)

I just received my first part... CRIUS distribution board. lol

Id recomend the MWC MultiWii SE v2.5 Flight Controller. It's seems pretty cheap, has all the basic bits you need and when funds allow is expandable to include all the other bits you want. I didnt, but its probably wise to get simonK ESCs. they apparently dont require setting up..

The learning curve on this is mental!

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