Yestarday i flew my APM in a skywalker for the first time  and had a couple of questions /concerns   first i flew in Manual mode and everything was fine  when i switched to stabilize it would stay in the air but shake allot  i know that means the gains are too high  i was using the recommended skywalker config file , that i downloaded  but it had the gains way too high for some reason

so should i just use stock gains and go from there ?????????????????????

the other thing  was it seemed that the board was resetting in the air or something like that a couple of times i put it in stabalize mode and i would loose connection with my laptop and the gps would restart or something, and i think the board was resseting

some info on my setup i am using just the BEC inside my 50A ESC  and not an external one.

is it possible that the BEC in the ESC just wasnt good enough ???????????????


also i flew for well over 20 min. in manual mode and never lost the link then its when i put it in stabalize mode and it was shaking like crazy the board would reset

so what should i do first ??????????????????????


 thanks in advance !!!!!!!!!!!1

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if i use an external BEC  do i just connect it to the rc rail pins or should i solder it to the +/- pins ?????????

Hey Hitech


Wessie here, from


The first thing is to get the skywalker config file.

This will give you a starting point with the PID values. You are correct, probably some of your values are too high.


the next thing is to test and tune the Servo PIDs in FBW mode. Once they are tuned right, your plane should fly ok in Stab mode.


Re-read the manual. all the things you nedded to do BEFORE your test flight is documented in the wiki. (Hand tests etc) Dont be too eager and skip steps, then you will be fine.


Good Luck, let us know how it goes




the BEC can just be connected to the rail pins, personally I would put a y-lead on it and supply both the RX and the APM individually, but from the ame source. but thats not needed if you have the connecting bridge.





i was using the recommended skywalker config file , that i downloaded  but  the gains way too high for some reason   so i should keep that config and just adjust it from there right ?????

Follow the instructions here


And please don't post the same question twice in the forums. It just adds noise to the site.


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