Hi Jani, Don, Gareth, anybody,

I just did another take off test, after uploading the latest version of code again, but nothing changed. I still have that heavy tilt to one side when I open up the gas, so no take off at all is possible, the tilt is too heavy. What's happening ? What do I do now ? Is it some calibration problem ? I have no idea .......

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Oh, I just received the second part of your reply. I use a Walkera transmitter with according receiver. No, only the direction of yaw and roll were inversed : when I moved the stick to the right the green bar moved to the left, same for roll. Throttle and pitch were OK. So I swapped directions on yaw and roll in the radio setup in MP.

Well, if it's configured properly, and all motors and props are spinning in the same direction, there should be no tilt.  The only thing that can cause it is if some of the motors are not spinning as fast as the others.  This can be caused by the radio, like the trimming is not centred, or some other radio configuration problem.  Did you set your radio to be in plane mode, and not helicopter mode or was that also configured at the factory? Or it could be bad ESCs and/or motors.  

Yes, I did set it to "plane mode". As was suggested before, I didn't touch any other radio settings on the transmitter. I was told the APM takes care of all trimmings. 

Can you please explain what is meant exactely by "centering the trimming" (sorry...newbee) ?

If it is bad ESC or motor, then I'll be surprised as the hexa is new and just test flown on the factory floor ......

What other radio setting could be wrong, as I just use the throttle to take off until now ? 

What model Walkera radio are you using?

Here's a picture of one.  The trims are those red arrows, next to all the control sticks.  They fine tune the controls and should be all centred.  If they are not, you will have problems, as this shifts the PPM signals coming out of the received, and you loose either the top end speed or low end speed limits, depending on which direction the trims are set.  The APM may not be able to compensate at the top end, if it's too off centred.

Time to go to sleep, it late. We'll have to pick it up tomorrow.  Maybe someone else in the rest of the world will figure it out before I wake up tomorrow.  Good luck!


I also have the DEVO8, but the receiver had a problem so I switched to another one for  the hexa : the Walkera 2801 Pro. I will have a look at :

- trimming on the transmitter and

- heat of the motors and ESC's 

in another test tomorrow.

Thanks a lot for all your help so far !

Best regards.


Take some video, during these tests.  Any additional information would enhance the ability to diagnose the issue.  So, from my understanding so far, the thing came with everything already connected, and the only thing you did was attach the props and connect the radio.

Essentially the only thing you really touch was the radio connection, so I'd concentrate on trying to debug from that point of view, unless the problem is faulty ESC or motors.

At some point, you'll need to think about getting a replacement from the 3DR guys.   

Hi Ellison, 

Sorry, It took me a couple of days to come back, have been sick.

I checked the trimmings and they are all perfectly centered.

I checked the heat of the motors during another test, and there is nothing that jumps out, I don't feel any overheating. The tilt is still the same.

Maybe I should do another motor test or so ?

What do you mean with :At some point, you'll need to think about getting a replacement from the 3DR guys.  ? 

Well Filip, it's really hard to see what's wrong with the drone.  If everything came pre-assembled and connected, and you double checked everything.  Like I was saying, the only thing that can be wrong is radio configuration or bad motors or ESC.  Something must be making one set of motors spin faster than the others.  I would really like to see a video to see exactly how bad the lean is.  Maybe it's not even an issue, and just caused by ground effect.  Don't try to lift it off the ground, if it really is bad you may crash it.

RIght now, you have not had a crash, and it's pretty much not flying.  Since it is supposed to be pre-built and flight tested by 3DR, you should ask them to consider a return and replacement.  Having a video documenting the problem would probably help to convince the guys at 3DR that there really is a problem, and accept the return.

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