Hi Folks,

Here are some pictures of my almost completed Tri/Hexacopter.

To work around the size limitations, I've made the arms in pieces.  They are now actually extendable.  The truss design means that they are very stiff, especially in the vertical axis.

Hopefully be flying very soon!





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I like it!  Smart idea to make the arms modular.  What is the print time?  And how much does it weigh?

Everything's printed at 100% fill, and 0.30mm layers.  Loooong!

Looking great. What 3D printer are you using? Just curious as I'm looking to purchase one soon.

100% fill?  Damn that must take forever.  Do you really need that much structure?  I'm printing my arms at 10% and even though ill probably go with 25% I'm pretty sure they will be fine.  The bit of flex might (or might not) add to stability.  We will see.  Looks like yours isn't to far away from flight.  Looking forward to it.

This is just the prototype stage.  I'm planning on eventually putting 10x4.7 props, and lengthening the arms for a heavy lift hexa, so I need to know the load bearing capabilities.  From my experience, no amount of flex is good.  I'm working on making a 3D printed power distribution harness and battery mount, and it should be ready to fly soon.  In the future there will be a camera mount too.

I bought a TOM from ebay, used.  It's been great fun.  Need to find cheaper sources for plastic filament.  One thing about rapid prototyping is that it uses up filament rapidly, as well. ;-)

looks great even in purple! :)

Wonder if in the end it's really worth it for the center plates... but I dig the arms! 

Tell us more about the weight of the arms... looks heavy.  Plus this will block a lot of air or create turbulence. 

You may want to do your last section closer to the prop more rounded to deflect the wind... Just a taught. 

keep us posted! 

I knew people would want to know the weight.  Without motors and escs, as you see it now, it's 326g.  Pretty light, imo.  Unlike traditional copters, the center plate is not needed for structure, just a place to mount the controller.  Notice it's thinner than the rest of it. (2mm as opposed to 3mm)

Check this picture out, without the plate.  This one is designed in mind to be put together as a kit.  Practically everything is printed, except for the bolts and nuts.

The nuts are all recessed into the frame too. No place to snag. ;-)

Very cool. I've been looking into the Replicator 2, but it's pricey. I hear you about the filament costs. I'm anxiously waiting for the filabot product to hit the market!

Hi ellison great model!! I've a TOM too. Have you upgrade to sailfish firmware? Nice printing!!

No, I'm still running the 3.1 firmware that came with the machine.  If the 'sailfish' firmware an improvement?  Although I don't seem to notice any issues so far with the 3.1, but I've only had it for a month or so.

Well, i have my TOM one year and sailfish is a big, big improvement. Follow on thingverse the instruction, is very easy to install and set up.

First of all: the acceleration . Print time now is half then before. And quality in general is better. I was skeptical at first, but instead works much better now.



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