Hey everyone.  I'm just finishing up a new AHRS design (see picture below).  The sensors it uses are almost exactly equivalent to the Razor from Sparkfun, but I added a nice 3.3V regulator and a STM32 processor running at 72 Mhz.  The faster processor makes it easier to run a good filter.

The unit uses an Extended Kalman Filter for yaw, pitch, and roll estimation.  It doesn't do centripetal compensation, but I routed out an extra UART and an SPI bus for anyone who wants to add extra sensors.  I was thinking specifically about GPS when I selected the on-board regulator - it can supply up to 400 mA of current, which should be enough to power whatever GPS unit you wanted to throw at it.  The firmware is open-source.

I'll be selling them from my website by the end of the month: http://www.chrobotics.com.  If you want one, contact me directly and mention that you are a member of DIY Drones - I'll drop the price for you. :-)

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Nice! It's a bit what I'm aiming at doing as well, same processor but I will be trying to make it as cheap, small, and light as possible, with very cheap gyro and accel/magnetometer. Hoping the kalman filter can compensate for the cheap sensors ;)

Keep up the good work!

Yeah the STM32 is a nice MCU. There is a new LPC chip from Phillips that also uses the ARM Cortex core, but it can be clocked up to 100 Mhz. I might look into that one for future projects.

As far as a roadmap goes... I'll be releasing a wide variety of sensors, from inertial sensors, to optic flow, to laser ranging, etc. I have a few more designs in the pipeline. I don't think that I'll develop a full autopilot, at least not to sell.
Caleb, A little bit offtoice but, i am working on my IMU disign and i am having some trouble to find Eagle Libraries/footprints for the STM32F103T or STM32F103C, do you have them? If so could you share them with me? Thanks!
I've seen this one around and really like what im seeing, but i need GPS integration as well. Problem is I am a novice at programming. Has there been any implementation of code for standard NMEA-GPS and possibly the common SCP1000 altitude sensor?

thanks in advance!

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