My new coaxial copter project...Imperial Probe Droid

My buddy Sean who makes the Aerotestra quadcopter told me I should post my new project here on DIY Drones because people would like seeing it...

I am assembling a coaxial tube shaped waterproof drone that carries a GoPro camera on the bottom end in a clear polycarbonate dome. But I also realized a rather fun adaptation of this design...The Imperial Probe Droid from The Empire Strikes Back. Last night I wrote some simple code to cnc machine components of what will be a test stand for the avionics and propulsion systems. And this morning I machined those parts and partially assembled the test rig. Here are some pictures...

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It would be necessary to have a contract with Disney / Lucasfilm since it's their material. But it is certainly something I've given thought to. 

That's a good idea using a gimbal. But I think the added weight and complexity would make it too much for my taste. The control vanes will be completely hidden inside the lower main body of the Droid so they won't be visible at all.

Hmm yeah they probably would want some royalties on that.

I wonder if the uninterrupted airflow from a gimbaled setup might offset the weight? I think if you kept the rotational axies (sp?) centered between the two rotors it would require very little torque and only two small motors to turn the gimbal. 

I made this very quick rough mockup of the general layout. Luckily there are few components to a coaxial copter. The control vanes will be in the lower main body as the airflow will travel through the entire center of the craft. Using some deep section grating on the top, it should look quite good from a side view.

Great project. If this motor is the 375w HK one as I suspect, check twice the magnets as they have a tendendy to unglue


I knew it been long time this project... but can you advise final state of it?

Thank in advance,


It didn't go very far. I built a few flying skeletal versions but did not develop it any further.

It would be a neat project, but I'm extremely involved with a far more interesting project right now.

I've got that motor set stashed somewhere at the bottom of a storage bin. Did you ever get any data from your tests you can plot?

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