I'm building this baby as platform to try out Ardupilot. Looking to order everything after the holiday.

Can't wait to fly it though!

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Awesome - another wing for Ardupilot development! I aim to do the same thing.

Is it balsa over foam or built-up?
Yes it is. 1.5m balsa over blue foam.
What led you to choose this method of construction? I've never tried that method.
Why not, it's the oldest one in the book. Strong, light and perfect airfoil shape throught.
I was planning on only using carbon tube spars and some monokote. I want to try and get maximum crash survivability with the simplest repair (or replacement) methods. Basically, I'm trying to make a good wing with the least amount of cost and labor. I imagine a balsa covered foam core would look great though, and be quite strong. And it might not be that difficult to repair, I'm just not familiar with the methods. There's always more to learn in this hobby.
If you want to maximize survivability then don't build it stiff (carbon, foam, etc...) EPP foam cover with colour tapes is the best. Unless you want to mould the whole thing out of carbon fibre fabric then that will be strong but still will crack on hard crashes, and expensive to buy carbon fabric.
That makes sense. I think I still might need a carbon tube spar though, my span will be 72 inches.

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