I was able to get 5 flights in today mostly in loiter and it's pretty rock solid. I am curious what it will do with a little wind. 

Here are my params for a Trex 550 stretched to a 700 running 1500 RPMs. 

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You must be a well experienced RC pilot.  Good job with the mountings.

Really thanks a lot for your sharing

Sean,  I'm curious about what your motor spec's are.  Are your frame plates the stock 49mm apart?


David R. Boulanger


Yes my frames are the stock width. My motor is a little outdated but still works very well. I was running 2 7s 7800 MAH batteries and getting 30-35 minute flight times. 

Motor Specs 


Thanks for the reply.  great flight time.  I did not know of any low Kv motors that were that small in diameter.  Thinking of stretching my 550 to a 600. If I do my stock Align 1220Kv has got to go.


David R. Boulanger

Can I ask where that GPS mast is from?    3d printed?

KDE motors are a must have for these helicopters they very reliable. 

Yes I 3D printed the GPS mount. I also printed the plate that the Pixhawk sits on and the battery tray. I can send you the files if you want them? 

Thanks for posting.
These helis, in my experience,are very resistant to wind.
I have flown my helis in gusty winds up to 30mph. At those winds the pixhawk handled pretty well. They fly just as well as in calm winds.

I like the braided wire covers. It helps the setup look really clean.

Hi Sean / Anybody,
I am an enthusiast trying to mount the pixhawk on a t-rex 550 dominator. I had earlier used the APM 2.6 on a quad and it is awesome. I wanted to try the parameter file mentioned here. But not able to download or view the images. Have they been taken down? Or is it a glitch. If you don't mind, can you please mail them to rishi2009k@gmail.com. Thanks.

- Rish

I haven't flown the Trex-550 in awhile. Attached is my most recent log file for the 550.


Got it... Thank you !!

I also have a trex 550 and plan to mount pixhawk too.

so could u send me the files ? Please , i really want it too much.

Thx u advance :D

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