Hey Guys..

I have this Motor, ESC, Battery , CW Props

I have Arduino Uno doing all the processing and running the program. But, the problem is My quadcopter is barely moving. I am pretty sure I have my props setup is right. Any Ideas ?

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Hey guysss... It seems no one is replying to this discussion ... I am a newbiee... Please let me know if I am not wording my question righttt ... Or if need more infooo....

Not sure but hopefully you also have ccw props and a 3s battery, it will not fly on 2 cell.  What's the all up weight?

Hmmmm... I do have a CCW props, But Haven't tested with it since it is only for YAW control right??. I don't know the exact weight but I am using this frame. It is very light. I am sorry I couldn't give you exact number. I will get that very soon. Ok 3 cell then. What do you recommend  for 2200 mah/ 5000 mah? And, do you think this Props is suitable for the copter or any suggestions..

You must run 2 cw and 2 ccw props on the correct motors, (two motors will spin cw, two ccw) or the apm will reduce lift to try and compensate for yaw.  A 2200 3 cell should be a good bet.  If you have two batteries you could try and run them as a 4 cell to see what happens (but your props may be too large at that voltage).  Keep an eye on motor temp.  Good luck.

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