I connected my 3DR Radio V1,1 to my cellphone using a femal usb to fembal usb between my radio usb, and the my cellphone data/ charging cable (with a USB 2.0 on one side and a USB micro.

But my cellphone won't detect my radio. It doesn't even turn on the LEDs. What do I do?

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You need a special OTG cable

And your phone should suport USB OTG.

It the phone not supporting, this problem is also for tablets!
Here is a link to a list of tables that work, for the mobile phone you will

have to connect the 3dr to a bluetooth module that pairs with your phone.
see this link,...

You still will need an USB OTG cable  OTG cable as Chris said............

I have phones and tablets, but only works with USB OTG

so if your phone is supported but you don't have OTG cable it will NOT work

People are correct to point you to the OTG cable.

Pin 4 of the micro side has to be grounded for it to be detected... that is why the OTG cable is a MUST!  

A simple patch-cable/adapter/gender-changer/spliced wire will not work.

No you dont need the OTG cable, you will have to make you own cable

that will connect the 3dr with the bleutooth.The bleutooth will work as a bridge 
instead of the OTG cable.

Take a look at Dennis Baldwin diy



They even have a bridge made like that on kickstarter!


I'll buy an OTG cable and report back. I have a nexus 5. I should work...

I will note the short cable that came with my 3DR radios will only work with the blue end (90 degree) plugged into my Motorola Maxx HD. The phone is rooted so has the usb host check. I don't know if non-rooted Motorola phones are compatible.

On my Kindle Fire (2nd gen), it is installed with N2A OS making it 100% android which also works without problems. In lieu of buying the N2A OS, one can install Cyanogenmod OS which is open source Android, but more work. http://wiki.cyanogenmod.org/w/Devices ; However, if the bootloader is locked you're out of luck

It really is irritating how companies prevent modding their firmware.

I also use a micro usb extension cable allowing better placement of the radio.

My OTG cable works perfect with my asus TF tablet, om the nexus 4 its a no go!On my gf samsung mini it also doesnt work.Still I guess the Bluetooth way is your best option, good luck with it!

Quick tip,

If you want to know witch phones work, go to a big store where you can plug in your 3dr with your cable, and start
plugging it in and out phones, if you get a green solid light and after a sec it starts flashing you good to go!
That how I picked my tablet en it worked so,..

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