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I am an associate producer for the National Geographic show Doomsday Preppers. One of our cast members is preparing for an earthquake in western Tennessee. He would like to use drones to help him navigate which areas are safe to travel through if he must leave his home after a natural disaster. He thinks drones will be the best tool for this.

We need someone to help us build a drone from a kit, and help us figure out which drone would be best for what we need to do.

The drone needs to be able to have a live video feed and a telemetry system.  Then we would like to attach a mechanism to a drone that could spray pepper spray remotely, and we also would like to and attach lights or a warning mechanism like a smoke bomb to one of them

We would love for someone with expertise in this field to advise us on which drone would be best and help him build it (preferably in or near Tennessee). The shoot is on June 3rd, so if you could message back and shoot me an email as soon as possible.


Kyile Hoffman


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Why on earth would you want to spray pepper?

Geez, this request sets off a warning mechanism or two.  Lol.

Sounds like a bad idea. We don't need another reason for the mainstream to hate us.

To me this shows how real reality TV is; 'One of our cast members' 

You should check with the FAA before doing this. Flying a drone under any conditions or limitations for commercial purposes / business / compensation is a violation of current FAA regulations, even if it may be legal (opinions differ).

I lost interest when  Kyile mentioned pepper spray. Bad enough the general public thinks we want to "spy" on them. I'm a video / tv producer myself. This producer should have started their homework 6 months ago. I know what I'm doing and it would take me three weeks to pull this together and get it tested and safe. 

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