Just wondering how many guys have had fly aways with Naza like I have. Done with Naza, what is the best FC out right now?

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Thanks, believe I will go that route next time. Is APM and Pixhawk Mac compatible?
For mac you can use APM Planner....

You should not miss http://www.sb-dji.com/ in Chinese. The glorious DJI fly-away collection.

Wish I could read Chinese, or maybe I don't sounds like some unhappy coustomers!

I've had a Naza fly-away. I use APM and MegaPirateNG these days. Reliable and cheap.

I don't own any DJI products but I do have 3 APMs and one Pixhawk. I have had a few flyways on APM. Turned out it was something interfering with the GPS. I now try to get the gps antenna away from other signal sources. I am always concerned if I'm flying near a building as the GPS signal can bounce off a building and throw off the GPS. What is great about Ardupilot and all the ground control stations is it will give you HDOP which is a true indicator of how good a GPS lock you have. I've seen the logs of the GPS go off by over a 1000' with 8 satellites. The culprit was a GoPro3 too close to the GPS antenna.

size does not matter - at all - same firmware, different PID's.

If you want >6 motors, go for Pixhawk.  - much more CPU power.

Naza flyaways are always user error stop complaining .....

Did you leave enough time for the system to lock in enough satellites ? When you had a non responsive multi for whatever reason did you switch to manual ?

i've lost a couple of multis but it has always been my error and my misunderstanding and a couple of the with arducopter ......

It's important to know that NAZA/DJI problems are not only related to GPS.

There are lots of strange ways their software behaves in these situations, that is not explained by any GPS glitches.

DJI's more expensive products are very much like iphones, expensive, exclusive look, neat marketing, but the technology is outdated and locked down.

Also naza flyaways are always due to GPS glitch ....

So when a naza flies off hard right roll at full power when in atti mode with no stick input after having flown happily for 3-5 minutes that's user error???

Don't think so!!

I managed to recover the quad from a crop field, it had no damage, no mechanical failure and I'd been flying about 30foot (<10 meter) from the quad so signal was not an issue.

After I recovered it I put it straight back in the air and it flew fine for the rest of the pack so to me that' s a naza problem and nothing else. Naza problems are very well documented when you go looking for them.

I already compared it to apple products, a religion where users have a obligation to protect the brand , no brains allowed. Same is true for other over-rated/priced products people spent money on, and feel the need to defend.

If you check out naza behaviour, with hard twitching and altitude loss, or throttle being reduced to idle midair, then you cannot believe it's a GPS glitch.

Does the GPS tell position ?, or does it also say "do random stuff and loose altitude, or cut throttle" ?

Even on a smartphone with very simple GPS antenna, you don't see your location start to jump wildly around.


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