Just wondering how many guys have had fly aways with Naza like I have. Done with Naza, what is the best FC out right now?

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Guys i'm not here to defend DJI or anyone else for that matter, I just don't like the whole "underdog" attitude with the f@#%k DJI it cost so much and glitches !!!

And then you go to the other angle like f@#%k Apple cause it bends or whatever and steals from android !! I mean REALLY !!?!

I have a wide range of flight controllers from Arducopters to DJI to openpilot to multiwii and i love them all ! but I'm aware that they are hobby grade material and that they can fail on me at any given moment ...

First of all, many of those use

When you setup and have a reasonably strong understanding of the flight controller and environmental conditions, you wont get fly aways or other strangeness. Im not saying Naza or APM are completely perfect, but they do work pretty well most of the time. Bad stuff does happen but you really should be able to bring back your multi in manual mode or just land it striaght down or something. Not knowing how to control it and letting it continue on its merry way is just a sign you dont know what your doing.

Totally agree !!

I'll just leave this here ....

That's what everyone says until it happens to them. 

Even Trappy has agreed that manual mode is the only way to recover if you find your multi behaving strangely .

Anyway i stop following this thread cause you people just wanna hate and nothing more ...

You are an idiot. I tried every mode there is and nothing worked. Sounds like you need to do a little research yourself!
I've been in RC for 37 years, and you?

Yup, Pixhawk by far...Chris I really need a Mini Pixhawk in your 3D store for the LEGO Drone, I'll pay whatever you need ;-)

First of all i didn't call anyone any names ....

Second i saw your post about your naza failure and you said : "It was in GPS mode, switched to attitude mode and RTH mode also" i don't recall you mentioning MANUAL mode which is very different from ATTI mode !!!

Third you have very poor social skills despite your age given the outrage of calling names at someone that has a different opinion than you which leads us to the Fourth observation that despite the 37 years you are in RC you don't know jack !!!


I have no dog in this fight, but I'm curious.  If you do, or did, fly a Naza, how often do you, or did you, calibrate the gyros?


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