Just wondering how many guys have had fly aways with Naza like I have. Done with Naza, what is the best FC out right now?

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It didn't occur to you that this was maybe another naza glitch ??

You should know that Atti mode is just as vunerable to glitches as GPS mode because of the fence mode so if the copter thinks its somewhere far away it tries to get back on the fence ....

The only way of getting out of this is manual mode not atti which i can clearly see you are not familiar with.

I am not a hardcore fan of anything and i am maintaining a good sum of multicopters with many different controllers and guess what i love them all !!!

All the different controllers have their weaknesses  and strengths its just easier to pinpoint a flyaway in arducopter because of the logging system than in a closed box line dji ....

But i don't think there is an "unflyawayable" system ... 

Not unflyable , I'd say (unreliable)

Yes, people know to switch to manual in case of suspicious behavior.  - and there are plenty of examples where it did not do any change.

Anyway - I am not here to troll or waste time, so I am unsubscribing from topic now - good luck everyone

Ok you got your point through " You hate Apple products" !!!

All the other behaviors you are describing never happened to me so i don't have an opinion.

On the other hand i have had a hexacopter that during testing cut all motors and stopped midair when i gave it full throttle, controller arducopter.

whose fault was it ?

never quite found out since it didn't experience a brownout or anything ...

maybe a faulty controller maybe air in the baro or sun in the baro but i didn't go around calling names ....

plus Linux rulez !!!!

When I was looking for a FC for my traditional helicopter a couple of years ago, I found two good options.  APM and Naza Ace waypoint.  They both had similar capabilities.  Total system for APM was less than $500.  Naza was $11,000!

When you compare capabilities to price, it seems that APM/Pixhawk are the answer.  I prefer Pixhawk now.

Not true. And I already know that no evidence will ever convince you, you're just going to have to experience one yourself and then you will understand. In the meantime, search youtube for "naza flyaway" and watch the evidence. Naza's can flyaway with GPS, without GPS, after calibrating every flight, etc etc etc. Even trappy has experienced flyaways. Is he just some R/C noob with no experience? Please set aside your preferences a moment and look at the (unfortunately, ample) evidence.

nice choices, what does your payload need to be?

The new autotune feature on APM code is nothing short of amazing.  Getting a solid setup is much simpler than it used to be with the APM code.


I had written a lengthy reply but I can clearly see how biased and blinkered you are and realised there was no point posting it.

Wanting to carry a Canon 70D.
I fly FPV so I had 8 satellites locked on before lift off. I switched to attitude mode, Manuel mode and RTH. How would that be user error when the quad kept flying? I know your next question will be loss of signal, well guess what, that should initiate RTH. There is NO reason according to DJI for a fly away to occur other than a faulty FC. You tell me?


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