hi..im new in this..im building my tricopter but i dont have any signal for the servo on my naze32 rev5. (i bus mode configured on cleanflight)i have signal only for motor on outlets 1,2,3 but not signal for the servo..im wonder if this FC work for tricopter.do anybody know how to fix the problem?

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Not sure if you have solved this issue by now but I know I have been dealing with the same issue and believe its a matter of mapping the motors and servos manually even when you select the TRI setup.So here is what I have figured out after,

Tail Motor = Motor 3

Right Motor = Motor 4

Left Motor = Motor 5

Tail Servo = Motor/Servo 1 (still working out if this is not servo 5 in clean flight which would mean checking A1 for Servo 5 under the servo tab.)

Resource Servo 1 = A8

Let me know if that helps at all and if I get mine working with this will let you know.

resource MOTOR 4 NONE
resource MOTOR 5 NONE
resource MOTOR 6 NONE
resource SERVO 1 A08
resource MOTOR 1 B06
resource MOTOR 2 B07
resource MOTOR 3 B08

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