Please help I am having problems with my setup. 

Watch the Video here:

Mini build from Space One FPV (Formula 220 frame)

I am going cheap and light. 

Flight Controller: 
Naze32 (rev5)

Receiver: FrSky X4R-SB

Controller: Turnigy 9X v2 (w/SmartieParts SP Basic Programer

Controller Firmware: ER9X Latest Binary (not FRSKY)

Module: FrSky XJT Module (no telemetry modifications - plug and play, no modifications done to turnigy 9x)

I wanted to use the Naze32 board because its cheap, small and light. I got the FrSky X4R-SB because it is cheap ($24), light, small, and has SBUS, which will give me up to 16 channels with just 1 servo cable!

Problem is Naze32 rev 5 does not understand the SBUS inverted signal from the X4R-SB receiver.

I didn't want to have an inverter cable, or modify the X4R-SB receiver. But I read you can update the firmware to the receiver, and it will output a non inverted signal that the Naze32 can read. So I did that!

The Turnigy 9X has ER9X installed on it and a FrSky XJT module. I was able to get a bind with the receiver no problem. 

I followed the steps in this video:

Wired the X4R from SBUS port to pin 4 on Naze32, in cleanflight I changed the port UART2: Serial RX, and in configuration I changed receiver mode to RX_Serial as well as Serial Receiver Provider to SBUS. 

When I do a receiver test I get nothing out of the sticks. 

Solutions I would like to stay away from: 

Purchase Naze32 Rev6
Purchase Inverter Cable
Modify the X4R-SB

Things I assume could be wrong: 
Updated X4R-SB Firmware is not working???
Turnigy 9X and XJT module needs hardware/firmware changes???
Something else???

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Have you figured it out?

Yeah. I needed Naze32 rev6 or an inverter rev5. No firmware updates made SBUS possible on Naze32 rev5 without the inverter. So it's false advertising or I did something wrong.

Right, I did built a small inverter and tested the sbus inversion feature on rev5, it doesn't work.

I mean, without the inverter, on or off show no readings. with the inverter, both show readings.

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