My friend and I each put together a build as follows:

fc: naze32 rev6

pdb: arris

motors: cobra 2204 2300kv

escs: littlebee opto 30a

transmitter/receiver: at9/r9ds

battery: tattu 1300mAh 75C S3

frame: shendrones krieger dtf225

we got the boards soldered and flashed firmware (Naze 1.14.2) with cleanflight 1.2.4. I have two issues:

1) using the motor test in cleanflight, only the rear 2 motors spin.

2) the 5v outputs on from the fc (e.g. the one next to the rc input pins and the middle row in the esc/servo/main headers) are only outputting about 1v. as a result (I believe), the radio transmitter won't power on. 

Using a voltmeter I verified that I'm getting 5v into the fc. I'm using opto escs so I'm powering the fc using the 6th pin in the main headers.

I'm not sure how to continue troubleshooting from here. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

I'm attaching a diagram of the wiring as well as a photo of the wired board, but please ask any questions if I could be more clear or provide more information. 

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UPDATE: I got the 5v output working by connecting the pin I've got the 5v input coming into to one of the pins in the middle row of the ecs headers.

I'm still not sure why only the back motors spin. I went back and reflowed all the solder connections to the esc headers. To troubleshoot, I plugged the esc-fc connections from the front escs into the headers for the rear pins, and am able to get the front motors to spin that way. So I know that all the motors and escs work. i'm uploading an updated diagram to include the updated 5v power source.

still looking for help with the motors


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