I want to be able to receive the wifi signal from my Phantom 3, and simulcast everything on my monitor, on a 32" flat screen, so my clients can see what I'm shooting in real time. Is this possible?

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I tried to find something like that and had no luck but what u can do is get a fpv transmitter for ur go pro and an av reciver for ur dji and u can run live stream and it would be more accurate as far as taking any delay out of the feed u get from the WiFi
If u have a smart TV u might be able to get the camera signal on it but how reliable it is idk I'm going to try it with mine I'll let u know how it works for me and try and give u a range

Thanks, Kris. I don't have a smart TV. Your info will be much appreciated.

Best of luck post ur solution when u find it I would like to know how everything works out for u

Wouldn't the DJI Phantom 3 HDMI Output Module work for you? This would allow you to view the live 720p video stream from the Phantom in real-time.

WOW! Right under my nose! I think this is exactly what I need. And $99 is really sweet. Thank you, Nick.

I got the unit, and installed it. Now nothing works. It won't connect with the copter. Anybody have a solution?

I've used the Nyrius Aries Prime tx/rx and also I've had a wireless router that was connected to my ground station computer like the D-Link WIFI AC750 portable router and battery charger to power my FPV goggles as well as transmitting to DTV's.

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