Hi everyone!

We're building a blimp for trade show use in 4 weeks and we need a working blimpduino v6 board or even an unpopulated v6 etched PCB, will pay top dollar.

Sell us your blimp board to fund your next project!

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We'll be releasing a new Blimpduino in Q3 of this year, with very advanced sensors. But I'm afraid I can't help either of you now. There are no more boards :-(

Chris, thanks for your reply!  I wonder if someone might be willing to part with their already used and functioning Blimpduino board so they can purchase the new Blimpduino when it comes out!  We're happy to compensate them well for their inconvenience.

Any news on these Blimpduino boards? :)

I'm wondering too, any news on this?

Any news on the next Blimpduino release, or will there still be one?

If you guys can wait for a couple of days, I can make you a PCB, but it won't be the original board or even of the blimpduino design.

I can also get an unpopulated PCB made from OSHPark ASAP... I can get 3 pcs. BlimpDuino v6 board out by February 2 :) Parts will have to be ordered and assembly done. (I can help with that too)

Please send me an PM if you are interested. 

Well, it's this year you got this thing released yet?


What? am I missing something?

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