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A good friend of mine (Vern), that works for "Servo", and "Nuts and Volts" mags, just got back from a business trip to China, where he won a DJI knock off as a door prize at a dinner event.

He didn't even bother to open it there and when he finally did, all the docs are in Chinese, although the cover of the manual is in english.  Google translate was not much help, all the text gets translated in one big block of text. Very entertaining, that Google.

Vern, called me, "The expert", since I fly fixed wing and am just starting to dabbling in quads. I have been in this hobby for several decades so... I am doing my best.

There is one pictograph that I can decipher, showing what each stick is supposed to do.  It would appear that this set-up is in, Mode II.  Hooray!  One odd thing is both sticks, SELF CENTER.

The problem is, how do you arm the damn thing?  I tried all the usual stick positions, and finally found that; both sticks "back" and "Out", hold for a count of three and the rotors spin, at a few hundred RPMs, for about four seconds.  then they stop and nothing else happens.

I have tried the DJI Compass Calibration operation, but the switches are different and I don't get any indications from the LEDs or tones.  Although, after trying several different combinations, I tried the "Back and Out" thing again...  This time, the rotors spun longer, but they surge and pulse erratically and when I tried a little collective it just tipped up on a skid and, crunch!

Here are some images of the quad.

Peace, Wolf

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I have an e-flite QX200 for indoor flying and I have to raise the throttle shortly after arming or it will dis-arm itself.  

Hey Chris

Yeah, I have done many variations of that. After, sticks "down and out" hold, the rotors spin and sort of pulse very slightly.  Moving the sticks (either) around causes the rotors to surge a bit but they still quit after a few seconds.

I tried to do a compass cal and seemed to be onto something, not a good something, the rotors spun for longer but then the unit flips up and over, crunch!  Not really a lift off, just more a flop.  Ugh.

Peace, Wolf

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