Need help: Editing ArduPlane 2.2.8 - unmodified/downloaded code wont compile without errors

Haven't used Arduino to compile any code for a long time, but had no issues in the past.

First problem: need help with ArduPlane 2.2.8, it won't compile in (the latest) Arduino environment, even if I did not touch the APM2 code at all. It has about a hundred errors. I just downloaded ArduPlane 2.2.8 and opened it in Arduino and it wont verify. I am sure there is a simple explanation. I have APM2 wit the USB connected and radio/servos, and works with latest MegaPlanner without any issues.

However, the untouched ArduPlane 2.2.8 code won't compile in the first place.

Would appreciate any suggestions why it may not compile in the first place....  I attached all the error codes in a file, and these are the first few ones below:

ArduPlane.cpp:29:39: error: Arduino_Mega_ISR_Registry.h: No such file or directory

ArduPlane.cpp:32:46: error: I2C.h: No such file or directory

ArduPlane.cpp:36:72: error: AP_AnalogSource.h: No such file or directory

ArduPlane.cpp:37:63: error: AP_PeriodicProcess.h: No such file or directory

ArduPlane.cpp:38:59: error: AP_Baro.h: No such file or directory

ArduPlane.cpp:41:76: error: AP_InertialSensor.h: No such file or directory

ArduPlane.cpp:47:24: error: ModeFilter.h: No such file or directory

ArduPlane.cpp:48:41: error: AP_Relay.h: No such file or directory

ArduPlane.cpp:49:47: error: AP_Mount.h: No such file or directory

ArduPlane.cpp:51:22: error: memcheck.h: No such file or directory

ArduPlane.cpp:1807:28: error: Mavlink_compat.h: No such file or directory

In file included from ArduPlane.cpp:58:

Parameters.h:350: error: 'RC_Channel_aux' does not name a type

Parameters.h:351: error: 'RC_Channel_aux' does not name a type

Parameters.h:352: error: 'RC_Channel_aux' does not name a type

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It is a simple problem. Arduino can't find the libraries. You meed to copy the libraries folder into the your main arduino folder.

Thank you for the tip. That makes sense. I have not used my Arduino compiler for several months. 

Apparently under the new Arduino 1.0 Windows the libraries were changed around, now my old ones won't work and importing is not working.

This obviously huge change doesn't seem to be documented well...or may be I am getting dumber.

OK, managed to knock out most of the errors by "reinventing" the library folder to accommodate the new 1.0 code.  Still these are still showing up. I imported the IC2 and FASTSERIAL libraries already, but these still are popping up:

In file included from ArduPlane.cpp:1:
C:\Users\HP\Downloads\arduino-1.0-windows\arduino-1.0\libraries\I2C/I2C.h:34:22: error: WProgram.h: No such file or directory
In file included from C:\Users\HP\Downloads\arduino-1.0-windows\arduino-1.0\libraries\FastSerial/BetterStream.h:16,
from ArduPlane.cpp:3:
C:\Users\HP\Downloads\arduino-1.0-windows\arduino-1.0\libraries\FastSerial/../AP_Common/AP_Common.h:19:20: error: wiring.h: No such file or directory
In file included from ArduPlane.cpp:69:
/Parameters.h:1:30: error: ArduinoTestSuite.h: No such file or directory
/Parameters.h:2:26: error: avr_cpunames.h: No such file or directory
In file included from ArduPlane.cpp:1:
C:\Users\HP\Downloads\arduino-1.0-windows\arduino-1.0\libraries\I2C/I2C.h:70: error: 'boolean' has not been declared
C:\Users\HP\Downloads\arduino-1.0-windows\arduino-1.0\libraries\I2C/I2C.h:71: error: 'boolean' has not been declared
C:\Users\HP\Downloads\arduino-1.0-windows\arduino-1.0\libraries\I2C/I2C.h:101: error: 'boolean' has not been declared
In file included from ArduPlane.cpp:4:
C:\Users\HP\Downloads\arduino-1.0-windows\arduino-1.0\libraries\FastSerial/FastSerial.h:119: error: conflicting return type specified for 'virtual void FastSerial::write(uint8_t)'
C:\Users\HP\Downloads\arduino-1.0-windows\arduino-1.0\hardware\arduino\cores\arduino/Print.h:48: error: overriding 'virtual size_t Print::write(uint8_t)'

Obviously, there is some incompatibility between Arduino 1.0 and the Alpha 022 version I used last time.  Verison 1.0 renamed all my .pde files to .ino files. 

Anyone else experienced this where now the libraries do not work anymore?

OK, now I am getting somewhere. Apparently there is a patch already under the Project Downloads for this compilation problem under the new 1.0 version:   86.0 MB

 Description: Arduino 1.0for Windows, patched with --relax option for correct compilation of ArduPlane and ArduCopter for ATMega2560

Now I don't feel that stupid anymore :)

For tonight, I rolled back to Arduino 022 vesion, and used the "relaxed" code that finally allowed me to compile the ArduPlane 2.28 code without any errors.

May be I missed previous postings about the apparent incompatibility between 022 and 1.0 Windows, etc. 

Not sure what benefit would I gain converting to 1.0 Windows, so for now staying with what I got.

@ Greg: thank you for the tip, it lead me to the (temp) solution.

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